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About Netrakona Government College

Netrokona Government College is a higher education institution in Netrokona district, surrounded by green in the country of Mahua Mallua. Country division In the past, modern education was started in this district but no college was established here during the British rule. As a result, many brilliant, talented students come out of existing schools every year, but the children of wealthy families can get higher education in Mymensingh, Dhaka or Kolkata. And the poor students were deprived of this opportunity. In this situation, there was a need to establish a college among the then political and social leaders of the area. After the partition of the country, Mr. Ghias Uddin Ahmed, the Administrator of Netrokona sub-division, took the initiative of establishing a college with the earnest efforts of CSP Mr. Ashan Ali MLA, Mr. Akbar Ali MLA, A.A. Who Fazlul Haque, Praful Chowdhury, Dr. Chhamir Uddin and Birendra Dutt Chowdhury (Sandesh Babu). At the first meeting of the entrepreneurs, Birendra Dutt Chowdhury (Sandesh Babu), the then Zamindar of Rouha, donated the money to the Jomituku College, where the college is located. Later, when the construction of the college’s infrastructure began in his own land, some more educated people made contributions for the college. In addition, farmers from Netrokona region came forward to assist with construction work. People from all walks of life including businessmen. The Deputy Commissioner Mr. Gias Uddin Ahmed CSP provided all the necessary public assistance. Later, when Mr. Alam Khan joined Netrokona as the subdivision administrator, his relentless efforts developed the college. According to the decision taken at the first meeting of the entrepreneurs in the year 1, the admission of the students started in that year. The name was changed to “Netrokona College”. Mr. Dear Bhushan Barik took over as the Principal of the College. Administrative functions of the college were conducted from the hostel of Dutt High School. Classes were held at local Anjuman High School and UC. If public. Later in the year, the college was shifted to its home in the present place. Netrokona College started its journey with 4 teachers, 4 clerks, 4 ponies and a small number of students.Until 5 there was no branch other than human and commercial branch at intermediate level. Science branch was opened in 5-7. The college was promoted to a degree college at the end of the year. The BSc course was opened in 5 and BSc course in 3. In 5, the college was made official. The name was named ‘Netrokona Government College’.